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Maine, The East

A Perfect Summer’s Day in Bar Harbor, Maine

The painters noticed it first, the beauty of the place. To the Native-Americans it was mostly about the clams, how they littered the banks, the sandy shores strewn with their cast off shells, pried and discarded by the Wabanaki who came here to fish and hunt. In 1604 French explorer…

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Travel Tips

Eight Great Road Trips You Can Take Right Now

In a recent New York Times article entitled “Travel and the Art of Anticipation”, psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn said, “When we begin traveling again after months of being holed up at home, we will likely experience a ‘happiness reset’— the result of which may be that even modest, less costly…

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Ohio, The Midwest

Cleveland’s Colorful Comic Book Legacy

Clark Kent is resigning from the Daily Planet.  Times have changed and Kent doesn’t appreciate the tabloid-like direction the paper is taking. He plans to become an independent journalist and blogger. Let me be the first to welcome him to the club. As earth shaking developments in the Superman saga…

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