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Farm to Table with Flare: Suds and Grub in Seattle, WA

Let’s be honest. I like to eat and drink. And as I travel around the country looking for interesting places to dine and drink, I’m often shocked at how deficient some cities are. Take Little Rock, for example, a pub and grub desert. Or Indianapolis where they just discovered tapas…

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Into the Vortex: Cognitive Laziness in Gold Hill, OR

Okay, I kid you not. I’ve been to a place where balls roll uphill, broomsticks stand on end, people grow taller just by taking a few steps, and the earth’s magnetic field causes you to sway slowly in a circle as you stand in one place. It’s the Oregon Vortex…

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Angela from Los Angeles

The L.A. Lakers were playing the Dallas Mavericks for the Western Conference Championship. The game had been on for nearly an hour. I was sitting at a bar that boasted six flat screen TVs, all in high def. Two were switched off and the others were tuned to Wheel of…

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