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Take Advantage of These Stunning Deals on Airfares, While They Last

by Malcolm Logan

Let’s see if you’re paying attention. I just bought two non-stop roundtrip tickets from Chicago to Boston for $295. The departure time on the outbound leg was 9:55am. 10:15am on the return. Yes, I said non-stop. And, yes, that $295 is for two tickets, all taxes and fees included. Each roundtrip ticket set me back a total of $147.50.

Ah, you’re thinking. There must be a catch. I’m traveling during February during the pandemic when everything will be gray and dreary and nothing will be open. Wrong. These tickets are for May 23rd to June 1st, over the Memorial Day weekend when Springtime in New England will be in full flower.

Okay, then there must be a brutal cancellation policy. Wrong. These tickets are on Southwest. It will cost me nothing to cancel, postpone and use the tickets at a later date for a different destination, if I want.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

Absolutely nothing.


Stunning Deals on Airfares

From now until the second week of June 2021, you are looking at some of the best deals on domestic airfares in more than a decade. All through 2020, the airlines had been gambling that demand would come back. They had been discounting fares a modest 20-25% off the previous year’s fares in expectation of a rebound. But with the coming of 2021 all that’s changed. Fares have been cut in half for the winter-spring period, signaling the airlines’ willingness to get real and do whatever it takes to get passengers flying again. That’s good news for you!

A sampling of some fares tells the story. A roundtrip flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles on Delta Airlines for May 6th to 13th is $156. A roundtrip flight from Washington DC to Miami on American during the usually hot spring break period March 25th to March 30th is $169.00. And a roundtrip flight from New York City to Dallas over Easter weekend on American is an incredible $85. All flights are non-stop.


A Few Caveats

There are a few caveats, however. These fares are for flights departing and returning on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. Flights departing and returning on Sunday, Monday or Friday will cost you more.  Also, these flights depart and return from major airports. Smaller airports will cost you about double. And these are coach fares.

Other than that, you are given wide latitude to choose the dates and times you like and still enjoy these great deals. But hurry. These prices won’t be available after June 3rd, and as demand rises they may evaporate.


Sudden Good Fortune

If you’re thinking of traveling in the months ahead, now’s the time to get the best deal on airfares in decades. To sweeten the pot, hotels and rental cars are also priced lower than usual. Budget minded travelers never had it so good, so strike while the iron is hot and get away on a low-cost vacation that will make you smile at your sudden good fortune.


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