This Journey's Beginning

My American Odyssey

Malcolm Logan

Winding_RoadMy name is Malcolm Logan. I travel America.
Some people say they know what America is. Lots of people say they know what it ought to be. I say let’s have a closer look, because America is not so easy to pin down.

The only way to get a true sense of this extraordinary country is to immerse yourself in it, and the only way to immerse yourself in it is to explore it.

So I set out, beginning in January of 2011, to discover America, not like Columbus, by planting my flag on a single shore, but by traversing the country by road, back and forth, over and under, up and down, using the highways and byways to draw elaborate arabesques on the map of the land, stopping here and there to reflect on the people and places, to spin a web of meaning out of the experience of my travels.

Nine years later I have become intimately acquainted with this country of ours, and I have seen and experienced plenty of fun and interesting places. Some of my travel destinations have been exciting, like hang gliding in the Outer Banks of North Carolina or flyboarding in Fort Meyers, Florida or skydiving in Erda, Utah. Some of my travel destinations have been heartbreaking, like exploring the tragic legacy of the Badland Sioux in South Dakota, or unearthing the shameful history of Marianna, Florida. Some of my travel destinations have been creepy, like delving into the horrific past of Danvers, Massachusetts, or looking into a haunted Indian school in Concho, Oklahoma. And some have been just plain weird, like visiting a town populated by spiritual mediums in Lilydale, New York or plumbing the depths of the vortex in Gold Hill, Oregon.

I have assembled itineraries for travel to fun and interesting places. By following them, you can visit select spots that will enrich your understanding and appreciation of those locales. Take a blues tour of the Mississippi Delta by following the itinerary of Went Down to the Crossroads, or embrace the musical legacy of Austin, Texas with the itinerary of Texas with Open Arms. You’ll find additional itineraries for Atlanta, Georgia, Palm Springs, California, Lexington, Kentucky, Chicago, Illinois and Silicon Valley California.

Covid 19 has slowed my roll, but like most Americans I am eager to start again, and as soon as I get the chance I will hit the road, looking for new adventures and interesting places to share with you.

I hope you’ll join me. Together we can get a true sense of America by traveling from place to place, examining the people, places, history and issues related to destinations, and embracing the adventure.

Together let’s share My American Odyssey.

Malcolm David Logan

Image Credit:
Winding Road, Sten Porse