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The Long, Hard Walk: Tramping Westward on the Oregon Trail in Nebraska

July 26, 2013

It was perfectly logical to believe.  After all, the Rhine connected with the Danube via the Main and a short portage, tying together the entire European continent.  The Nile ran for an astonishing 4,000 miles deep into central Africa.  So why wouldn’t the Missouri flow from the Mississippi all the way to the Pacific Ocean? […]

First in Flight: Hang Gliding in Kitty Hawk, NC

August 10, 2012

Death from spinal fracture was the final verdict for Otto Lilienthal.  Displaying a heady mixture of audacity and ingenuity, Lilienthal, a German engineer, had developed a heavier than air glider, flown it several times, tweaked its design and was working on a way to power it when the accident occurred.  He fell from 49 feet […]

What Would Jefferson do? Time Traveling at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

August 26, 2011

So this dweeby-looking guy interrupts us, says he knows exactly what Jefferson would do.  He’s got on big square glasses and red suspenders.  Apparently, he’s an employee of Monticello, or anyway that’s what his name badge says.  It says his name is Clive. I say, “All right, Clive.  You tell us what Jefferson would do.”  […]