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Rock of Ages: Mining the Depth of Old Friendship in Northern Minnesota

September 20, 2013

Lincoln wanted to get away.  He said, “Find me a dock on a lake somewhere up north where I can dangle my legs in the water and fish.” I like to impress Lincoln so I found him a lake – in fact, I found him 10,000, many of them with docks, and we headed north […]

What Would Jefferson do? Time Traveling at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

August 26, 2011

So this dweeby-looking guy interrupts us, says he knows exactly what Jefferson would do.  He’s got on big square glasses and red suspenders.  Apparently, he’s an employee of Monticello, or anyway that’s what his name badge says.  It says his name is Clive. I say, “All right, Clive.  You tell us what Jefferson would do.”  […]