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Wild Man: Down to Earth and Out on the Edge with the Mayor of Telluride

April 4, 2014

My brother Curt and I were sitting in the dining room of the Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, AZ after our ski trip to Telluride when I said, “Look something up on your phone, will you?   See if you can find out the steepest pitch a person can ski without losing contact with the earth […]

Psycho Path: Slipping Over the Edge at Taos Ski Valley

January 27, 2012

Some warning labels are ridiculous. A warning label on a chainsaw says: Do not attempt to stop chain with hands. A warning label on a wheelbarrow says: Not intended for highway use. A warning label on a mattress says: Do not attempt to swallow. The lengths we go to prevent each other from hurting ourselves […]