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The Tyrant’s Art: Living in a Dream House in Two Rivers, WI

December 14, 2012

Living in his house, it was hard to comprehend how such a cold, self-absorbed person could create a thing of such lasting beauty. By 1938 he had left a trail of tragedy and destruction behind him. ¬†An unapologetic womanizer and adulterer, he had left his first wife and six children and run off to Europe […]

American Oasis: A Perfect Winter’s Day in Palm Springs, CA

February 24, 2012

At Windy Point the wind is said to blow so hard that you are advised to wear goggles and a bandana to keep the grit out of your eyes. I was prepared with these accessories but hardly needed them. The day was sunny and still. The dunes piled up against the base of the mountains […]