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Groundbreaking Attractions: Over and Under in the New Las Vegas

May 2, 2014

Grinning, I worked the levers and lowered my bucket.  Drawing the teeth down and back, I chewed my first hole in the soil of Las Vegas, one of several I would dig over the next 90 minutes.  Operating the 315CL Caterpillar Hydraulic Excavator at the Heavy Equipment Playground set me to thinking about all the […]

Good Medicine: A Spiritual Journey Through Monument Valley

April 18, 2014

As a child he witnessed magic.  Among the spires of orange and russet rock, in the shadows of parapets ribboned with plum colored bands left by long receded seas, he watched as the Hopi medicine man placed the tip of an eagle feather against his mother’s neck and sang. His mother had insisted on the […]

Wild Man: Down to Earth and Out on the Edge with the Mayor of Telluride

April 4, 2014

My brother Curt and I were sitting in the dining room of the Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, AZ after our ski trip to Telluride when I said, “Look something up on your phone, will you?   See if you can find out the steepest pitch a person can ski without losing contact with the earth […]

Way, Way Out There: The Art and Artlessness of Marfa, Texas

March 21, 2014

Southwest Texas is vast, and mostly empty.  From San Antonio to El Paso, a distance of 550 miles, no town larger than 9,000 people exists.  In the entire region, an area about the size of California, the population does not exceed that of Rhode Island. In the 1880s the region was even more uninhabited.  Yet […]

Texas with Open Arms: Cozying up to the Music Scene in Austin

March 7, 2014

She was not a good student.  She had tried college and it hadn’t really worked out.  She had fallen in with a hard partying crowd, musicians and such.  It was a weakness.  So she quit school and moved to Los Angeles, thinking she could become a singer there.  But that was a bust too.  So […]

The Cries of the Abused: Exhuming the Horrors of the Past in Marianna, FL

February 21, 2014

“What a piece of human trash.” “Should have put him in front of a wall and shot him.” “This dude is a fucking monster — the kind of person that nightmares are made of.” “He’s a cruel, twisted, sadistic scumbag.” “I wanna reach through the screen and strangle him.” “Lying sack of shit should be […]

Return of the Rocket Man: Learning to Flyboard in Fort Myers, Florida

February 7, 2014

When I was eight, I saw a vision of my future.  According to Argosy magazine, by the time I was thirty I would be getting around with a jet pack.  I would be rocketing off to work with 500 pounds of thrust on my back.  At night I would be heading home with my feet […]

Sand, Sex and Style on South Beach, the Sexiest City in America

January 24, 2014

It was awful, one of the most disgraceful examples of urban blight imaginable.  Block after block of gorgeous buildings gone to seed, paint peeling, plaster crumbling, porches sagging, weeds, filth and decay.  And there on the porches impoverished retirees clinging to the last vestiges of life, sick, dying, tubes sticking out of them, slumped in […]

Aftershock: A Strange Tale of Murder, Rage and the Earthquake that Shook America

January 10, 2014

In the months following the murder there was scarcely an hour when the earth did not tremble.  The sound of it was like distant thunder, which gave way to cracks and explosions like muskets being fired.  The smell of sulfur and brimstone hung over everything. They said it was retribution from an angry god, punishment […]

The Catch: Exploring New Opportunities to Fly at Trapeze School in Chicago

December 27, 2013

Face it.  There are some things you are not permitted to do.  For example, you cannot perform surgery without a license.  You cannot practice law without one either (but that’s all right, there are more than enough lawyers as it is).  And you cannot jump off a diving board at a motel swimming pool (see […]